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Re: Internet Security Review

At 5:36 PM 10/23/95, Doug Hughes wrote:

>Just got a copy via mail today. Boy, Dorothy Denning seriously dings
>Tim May in this issue. Interesting reading to know what the other side
>is up to nonetheless. She uses some reasoning that will be compelling to

This makes me laugh out loud. I have Wit Beer coming out of my nose. My
poor trackball's going to take a major Windex job now, boy.

Denning *doesn't* go for a fellow(?) Certified Cryptographer(tm), probably
because her credentials are all but shot now. She *doesn't* go after
someone *paid* to go after *her* in the policy arena, like Banisar & Co.,
who could beat her with "half his brains tied behind his back". She
wouldn't *dare* go after the politicians like (sorry again, Rush) Mr. Newt,
who *are* thwarting her monomaniacal campaign to sperm^h^h^h^h^h<insert
bodily fluid here>-sample the population for biometric purposes, she goes
after *Tim* *Freakin'* *May* for chrissake.

Gotta watch that "corrupting the youth of Athens" stuff, Tim, 'cuz Big Bad
Ol' Dottie D's gonna get ya!

Feh. Hemlock anyone?

Bob Hettinga

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