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Re: New Article On Web Drug Info Ban By Dana Larsen

At 05:22 PM 1/8/00 -0500, Matthew Gaylor wrote:
>Subject: US Senate passes pot-info ban
>Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 09:29:48 -0800
>Organization: Cannabis Culture (http://www.cannabisculture.com/)
To call this 'insanely stupid' is to praise with faint damns. Once again,
we see that many -- all 535, since this passed unanimously -- of our
'representatives' are, point blank, traitors and oath-breakers, which USED
to be a capital offense. 

"But if I were to kill them, *I'd* be the one going to jail. That's
democracy for you!" (Montgomery Burns)

Sigh, once more into the breach, dear friends. Off to the Supreme Court
with this bit of fodder. But why, why, why can't we make the scum who did
this PAY? And pay HARD? 

That is the most infuriating thing about this endless battle -- the losers
not only do not suffer, not even emotionally, but they often profit by it.
"See!" they claim. "I worked oh-so-hard to save your children, but those
bleeding-heart pinkos at the ACLU (or 'those right-wing gun nuts at the
NRA', if they're gutting the Second, not the First) stopped me!"

Wasn't Joseph Biden one of the liberal golden boys, way-back-when?