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RE: I Got Mine

At 9:42 PM -0500 12/3/98, Tim May wrote:
>At 3:13 PM -0800 12/3/98, Petro wrote:
>>At 5:42 PM -0500 12/3/98, Tim May wrote:
>>>If they want me to speak about assassination markets, the need for killing
>>>millions of political criminals, and the use of anonymous systems for
>>>smashing the state, why would I ever agree to speak with cops?
>>	I think millions is overstating things just a little bit, unless
>>you mean world wide.
>Those of who have voted to take away guns, those who have actually done the
>taking away, those who have sent in JBTs to break into homes, those who
>have ....
>It adds up fast. Whatever the precise total is, removing them is what
>crypto anarchy and untraceable transactions make possible. Read about this
>is my Cyphernomicon, released long before Jim Bell had his "wonderful idea."

	Yeah, yeah, I've read parts of it. I've been here a while under
different email addresses, so I'm more than a little familiar with the
whole crypto-anarchy thing.

	I just disagree with your "millions who need killing". Because some
beleives in a polly-annaish world were taking guns away from the "good
guys" also keeps them away from the "bad guys" is no reason to kill them.
It's a reason to render them impotent until such time as they wake the hell
up, and if they don't manage to wake the hell up until some mugger points a
chinese manufactured .25 at them in the middle of the night and just
fucking pulls the trigger because murder carries the same punishment (or
less) than carrying a gun (enemy of the state) then "we" didn't kill them,
they killed themselves.

	It's the leaders, the Guys In The Three Peice Suits that need the
killing. The KNOW better. They have the information, they have the studies.
They choose to manipulate people, to feed their fears and _tell_ them that
disarming them is making them safer.

	They lie, and in lieing reduce the saftey of ALL of us. For that
they deserve to hang.
Five seconds later, I'm getting the upside of 15Kv across the nipples.
(These ambulance guys sure know how to party).
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