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Re: More reasons for suppressors

At 12:21 AM 1/9/00 -0800, Tim May wrote:
>At 11:22 PM -0800 2000-01-08, Reese wrote:
>>At 08:37 PM 1/8/00 -0800, Bill Stewart wrote:
>>>Gary was outside, attending a lacrosse game.
>>>Bullet hit him in the head and killed him.
>>>What I heard from his friends was that the shooter was about 1/4 mile away,
>>>but that can't be treated with any level of precision.
>>1/4 mile?  That wasn't a falling bullet then, unless you count 0-1 inches
>>drop, as "falling."
>And you know the angle from the vertical to be _what_?
>At 0 degrees, the bullet falls back on the firer (modulo wind, minor
>perturbations, etc.)
>At 45 degrees, the bullet lands the furthest distance from the shooter.

You missed (or conveniently forgot) the first part of this thread, where
Bill said his friend (or acquaintance) had been shot through a window.

>Sounds to me like the shooter shot within about 20 degrees of the vertical,
>which is pretty standard.

An assumption.  At 1/4 mile, "falling bullets" still aren't a consideration
- at 20 degrees @ 1/4 mile, the bullet would have been well over his head.