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Re: More reasons for suppressors

At 2:44 AM -0800 2000-01-09, Reese wrote:
>At 12:21 AM 1/9/00 -0800, Tim May wrote:
>>At 0 degrees, the bullet falls back on the firer (modulo wind, minor
>>perturbations, etc.)
>>At 45 degrees, the bullet lands the furthest distance from the shooter.
>You missed (or conveniently forgot) the first part of this thread, where
>Bill said his friend (or acquaintance) had been shot through a window.

Well, I just checked to see precisely the words Bill used. Here is what he
said on 06 Jan:

"I lost a high school classmate to random gunshots;
some kid was cleaning his gun in his garage and shot at a bird or something."

Doesn't sound like we know anything about whether he shot through a window,
or the garage door was open and he stepped out to shoot at a bird flying
overhead, or what "something" means.

In any case, if the kid shot near the horizontal, and the bullet's arc took
it over to this classmate, what's inconsistent with either Bill's account
or basic physics?

--Tim May

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